Not Wearing a Rain Poncho: The Best Decision of My Life

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29th May, 2012 - Posted by admin - No Comments

Hot Sun = No Rain Poncho The title looks like it would be detrimental to our little rain poncho blog site doesn’t it? I will explain myself. On Sunday I had the pleasure of accompanying my father to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. Going into this event, I decided that I might try to take a […] Read More

The Indianapolis 500: Rain Poncho Heaven

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30th April, 2012 - Posted by admin - 3 Comments

The Rain Poncho works at the Indy 500 The Indianapolis 500 has always been a huge deal to my father. He hasn’t missed a race in who knows how long. Not only does he go to the race, he goes to all of the events leading up to the Indy 500. He goes to the […] Read More