Changing rain poncho staff, changing seasons

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We’ve had a change in the staff here at  The intern we had working on all of our social media sites, including this blog, has moved on to greener pastures.  He worked really hard to keep our website looking and running great and did a great job keeping up with blog posts, guest blogs, all the other social media updating that the rest of us didn’t have time or talent to do.  He’s graduating college in December, and we’re all proud of him and excited about the next chapter in his life.  But, that has left us with a bit of a hole here in the rain poncho world.  Thinking about this staffing change and the coming changes in his life seemed to go hand in hand with the changing of the season.

We are well into fall here in Indiana.  Football games, bonfires, s’mores, and rain are all a part of the season.  Except for the rain, this is one of my favorite times of the year.  The trees are beautiful in their colorful clothing, and the sky always seems bluer, the sun brighter, when the air is crisp.  When the sun is out, our fall can be a gorgeous season.  But, before watching our high school alma maters play a game, attending a bonfire, or having a hayride, it’s wise to check the forecast.  Evening temperatures here can drop rapidly, and if it’s going to rain, having a rain poncho or rain umbrella at your disposal is always a smart decision.  Attending an outdoor event in the rain without some kind of protection means a very uncomfortable and cold evening in our area.  Two years ago I went to a football game at my son’s high school where it didn’t really rain, but it did manage to mist the entire time.  Wearing a poncho will keep you dry and will mostly likely help keep you warm.  Cold and wet are not a friendly combination, and we saw a lot of people buying a lot of hot chocolate and coffee that night.  It was great for the concession stand, but not so great for our enjoyment of the game.

So, before you attend an outdoor event in your home town, or skip one because of the forecast, make sure you have a rain poncho or an umbrella.  You don’t have a rain poncho or umbrella?  Well, then please visit us at and order your stay-dry gear today!

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