Rain Poncho Sports Wrap-up

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Rain Ponchos, Golf Umbrellas Make Sense For Sports.

So that pretty much does it for our coverage of sports that involve rain ponchos and golf umbrellas! It’s been fun to write all of these posts just because I am a monster sports fan, and it’s beneficial to my writing to be talking about something that I’m really interested in. Not that I am not unbelievable and undeniably passionate about rain ponchos, golf umbrellas. It’s kind of hard to write about rainwear all the time as you can imagine, so being able to write about rain ponchos and their usefulness during sporting events has helped me to put these out there.

So let’s summarize all that I’ve written about rain ponchos, golf umbrellas and their effectiveness at sporting events. Basically, most stadiums out there will not allow people to carry in golf umbrellas, because while it protects the user, it gets everyone else around them soaked because of the runoff from the golf umbrella. So golf umbrellas have been banned form stadiums, and the rain poncho is left all alone as the sole protector against rain during sporting events.

In one post, I wrote about how it seems to always be raining at the Philadelphia Phillies location. Roland Garros had a rainy tennis tournament, in which the entire crowd ended up in a rain ponchos and singing together. Football stadiums and the rain poncho go hand in hand, as the game doesn’t end when it starts to rain. A rain poncho has a place at all of these events, and bringing one is always going to be a safe option. The other post that I wrote about was the U.S. Open. It was a great event to watch on T.V, and it was fun to see the rain poncho make an appearance that foggy morning. It’s always fun to see people in the rain ponchos at popular events. If you are rocking a rain poncho at a sporting event, and you got on T.V, it basically escalates you immediatly into rock star status. Thanks for reading all the sporting event blogs, and the rain poncho, golf umbrella blogs too! We will keep them coming!

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