Basketball: Not a Sport For Rain Ponchos, Umbrellas

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While on the topic of sports, I might as well cover basketball. I’ll be quite frank with you, a rain poncho or golf umbrella really has no point at all for a basketball game. Basketball is played indoors, and typically there is no rainfall while inside of a house. The only real draw that a rain poncho or golf umbrella has is if you are a person who doesn’t own a car and has to walk back from the basketball game in the pouring rain.

Now you may be asking, ok this dude has lost his mind. He’s writing about rain ponchos and golf umbrellas, and that’s kind of weird in the first place… but now he is writing about basketball, which is a sport that doesn’t relate to either item in the slightest. To that I say, “good point.” The thing is, it’s kind of hard to write blogs about rain ponchos 3-4 times a week. It’s all for the promotion of our website:, and it has been working wonders. I’ve written blogs for every other sport, and I don’t want basketball to feel left out. It’s one of my favorite sports (second to football), and I’ve been told to blog about things that I am passionate about.

So viewing a basketball in a rain poncho is pretty much out, as is using a golf umbrella, but can you imagine trying to play basketball in a rain poncho? Think about how hard it would be to go in between the legs, or spin around a defender without falling over and busting your teeth. Rain ponchos are absolutely fantastic, but while wearing one any kind of athletic movement is lost. I’m fairly athletic, and anytime I’ve worn a poncho I feel like any sudden movements, a shove, or even a strong breeze will surely send me flying. There’s something about wearing a rain poncho that makes you feel like a penguin. You feel like you have so much material on, that it’s almost impossible to move your arms.

Let’s not even get started on using a golf umbrella while playing basketball. An umbrella requires an arm, and believe it or not you need both arms to play basketball. So that’s not even possible in the slightest.

Playing basketball? Well you probably don’t need a rain poncho or an umbrella. Oh, you are in the 99.99% of people who don’t play basketball professionally? Then here’s a place to grab your rain ponchos and golf umbrellas —>

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