Rain Ponchos, Golf Umbrellas – A Golfer’s Dream

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Rain ponchos, golf umbrellas serve different roles for golf.

For the first time in my life I sat down and watched an entire golf tournament. The U.S. was going on, and I really wanted to sit in a chair for days on end, so I decided why not. I was pulling for Tiger Woods of course, but he kind of failed and flopped on me. I was partially looking for some rain poncho activity out on the golf course to blog about, but I also was interested in the field and my current roommate was all about the golf tournament. So I watched along and enjoyed the chair and tournament.

We sell golf umbrellas, and frankly I didn’t see a single golf umbrella out on the course. I know that golf umbrellas are great to have out on the course, but I am pretty sure it was at least 80 degrees and sunny all weekend long there in San Fransisco. However, one morning I did see some rain ponchos out and about on the course. There was some heavy mist going on, and people were looking great in their stylish rain ponchos. Really on a golf course you would think that a golf umbrella would be much more beneficial to have, but in this case the rain poncho does a much better job of protecting against mist. Kudos to the smart people who were at the tournament to bring the rain poncho instead of the golf umbrella in this instance.

The tournament was actually really fun to watch, I know that a lot of people would rather be punched by Mike Tyson than watch golf, but it really just gets talked down way more than it should. There was plenty of drama as about 8 golfers were within 2 strokes of each other. Had Tiger actually shown up to play, it would have been even better. Now I’m looking forward to the next major tournament, and I’m looking forward to seeing those golf umbrellas and rain ponchos back in action.

By the way… In case you missed this gem, here is the guy who got past security at the U.S. open during the trophy ceremonies and did a ridiculous bird call.

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