Rain Poncho… Futbol or Soccer?

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A rain poncho can keep you dry at a  rainy soccer match

I’ll be real honest, soccer is not my favorite sport. I think that’s because I live in America, and it really just isn’t all that big here. I love the crowds at the soccer games, I love their passion for their teams and countries. It’s sweet to hear the entire crowd start chanting and singing in other languages. I thought it was really funny when the entire sport went through that vuvuzela fiasco, where people brought in their own little horns and just went crazy. It drove T.V. crews absolutely nuts, and everyone and their mother complained about how annoying that they were. Rain ponchos are a great fit for crowds at these games (matches?) because it only adds to their crazy get up. A rain poncho also has a really nice beneficial perk of keeping people dry from the rain, but for the soccer crowd I’m going to guess that they would wear them more for the crazy look.

Soccer teams should all sell rain ponchos and rainwear for their team colors, so that the entire crowd can wear one color of rain poncho and have their own little black out, or white out, whatever color that their team typically wears. An entire crowd of rain poncho clad fans would probably bring a tear to this intern’s eye. A rain poncho has obvious benefits, it keeps people dry, warm, and keeps them with the current style trends of 2012. Many rain ponchos are built to be worn only once, and some (like our rain ponchos) can be re-worn over and over again. Umbrellas most likely are not allowed to be brought inside of the stadiums, as they tend to block views and shed more water on nearby fans.

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