Rain Poncho at the 20, the 15, the 10, the 5!

14th June, 2012 - Posted by admin - 1 Comment

Rain Poncho could go all the way! He’s in, Touchdown!

Let’s be honest here. Football is the greatest sport in America. In my opinion it’s the best sport in the world, but lots of people would argue with me on Twitter and here on the blog if I said that without adding “in my opinion.” It’s a great idea to bring rainwear for a football game, because unlike many other sports, if it starts raining during a football game, no one is going to stop or even slow down. Fans caught in the stands without rain ponchos are either going to tough it out, or go buy a rain poncho. As I have mentioned in about every single sports post, you can’t bring a golf umbrella into the stadium, because it gets everyone around you even more wet when you open it up. The rain runs right off the sides of the umbrella and people want to attack you.

So the Giants are up on the Bengals 24-17 heading into the fourth quarter, and the heavens suddenly open up and down comes tons of rain. Your mother told you to bring a rain poncho just in case, but you were foolish and didn’t listen to her. Now you have to leave your seat and head to the team merchandise store to purchase a rain poncho that is overpriced by about 8 dollars, and you can only use once. A rain poncho is not a heavy item, and it definitely isn’t a hard thing to pack and bring in to the football game. Are there going to be times when you bring a rain poncho and it doesn’t rain? There sure are, but it’s worth the risk when it actually starts to rain. Missing the game-winning touchdown in the end of the fourth quarter isn’t worth the risk. Pack that rain poncho, and be a happy rainwear user.

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Had some fun with this one 😀

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