Heading To a Baseball Game? Bring the Rain Poncho

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Rain Poncho Use in the Ballpark

The Philledelphia Phillies must have the rainiest ballpark in America this year. I feel  like every other night I see tweets coming in from Philidelphia about the Phillies passing out free rainwear. Either all the people at the stadium have never seen rainwear, and they feel like they have to tweet about it, or it just rains a ton there. Either way we see a whole bunch of tweets from the baseball games, so we will delve into why baseball and rain ponchos are a great combination.Baseball game rain poncho

Golf Umbrellas, rain umbrellas, parasols, and all things umbrella have been outlawed at baseball games for a long time. Rain would run off the golf umbrellas and onto the users’ neighbors, and fights would start. This would result in people being thrown out of the game, and the entire thing was a big mess. So if you are heading to the baseball game, a rain poncho is the way to go to keep dry. The tweets that we see are typically laughing at the rain poncho wearers (which we dislike), as they try to get on their rainwear. People using rainwear often struggle with society’s view of how a rain poncho looks. You will see in our post here about the new fad of 2012: the rain poncho, that rain ponchos are actually the cool thing to wear these days. But alas, many people don’t seem to believe the words that we write. All we need is for some super famous rapper to show up on the red carpet in a rain poncho, and kaboom the world understands and stops dissing on the rain poncho.

Back to the point of the story. If it starts raining at a baseball game, the game stops and it turns into a waiting game for the rain. The rain ponchos come out, and the people sit and wait. The problem is that at the parks, these ponchos are selling for upwards of 10 dollars, and it really makes people choose whether they want to grab a rain poncho or hit the showers early and head home. Don’t make yourself decide, just bring rainwear to the game and be prepared…. like every Phillidelphia Phillies fan this year.

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