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 Rain Poncho Party at Roland Garros

A ton of rain poncho tweets are rolling in from Roland Garros, the site of one of the biggest tennis tournaments in the world: The French Open. Apparently it has been raining there quite a bit… and in case you know nothing about tennis, that means you can’t play. When it rains, the clay courts there become a mixture of mud and slippery doom. I actually play tennis for my college, and I can tell you that as soon as it even starts to sprinkle, any hope of playing is killed. You just don’t mess around with it, because even on concrete courts the water makes everything¬† dangerous. So it doesn’t matter where a tennis match is being held (unless it’s indoors), if it rains no tennis is going to happen.

So does a rain poncho really fit in at a sporting event like this? It sure does. All the crowd members are absolutely stuck outside when it starts to rain, and a rain poncho can keep them dry. By bringing a rain poncho to the courts, you avoid having to pay insane prices inside the actual stadium. A group of three rain ponchos from us costs about 20 dollars (about 7 dollars per), plus they are reusable. At a tennis arena, they will probably charge you close to 10 or 12 dollars for an emergency rain poncho, which you will have to throw away after just a single use. So bring your own rain poncho! The tweets that are coming in from Roland Garros actually say that they are giving the rain ponchos out for free, and the entire crowd is singing together and dancing. Basically when the rain starts at Roland Garros, the tennis stops, and the rain ponchos come out… the party begins.

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