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A Rain Poncho Blog?? — Hosted by www.rainponchosonline.com

Believe it or not, a website dedicated entirely to selling rain ponchos and golf umbrellas is starting up a blog. The idea behind it is to build a relationship with you, the customer. Hopefully we can give a little insight as to what we are all about here at www.rainponchosonline.com in the process. A lot of the blogs will be about personal experiences with the weather, and some will be about experiences in the rain poncho and umbrella business. We have been around for 28 years, so we have plenty of stories to tell.

Feedback is always going to be welcome on this blog. If you have suggestions for what you want us to write about, or if you want to share an experience, then let us know. Each story will be posted on Facebook, Twitter, and an RSS feed once we get that all set up.

The main point behind the posts is to get you more familiar with our rain ponchos and umbrellas and their usefulness. We believe in our products, and we also believe they can benefit others. Ever been to an outdoor concert and stood in the pouring rain for a few hours? We have. Ever planned a fun family day at a theme park and instead spent half the day in the gift shop because of the rain? We’ve been there too.

We’d love for you to come back and see what we have to say!

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