Grayling, Michigan No Rain Poncho (part 2)

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Will the Clements boy get wet with no rain poncho?

As Dad, Mom and I got all hunkered in and tried to waterproof the pontoon, a realization came into our heads that we also had no cell phone reception. So if anything went horribly wrong, no help was going to be coming our way. We put the top up on the pontoon, which was just about the same as putting a tiny umbrella above our heads (I would have rather had a rain poncho). In most cases when a storm rolls in I get really excited. I love storms and I love watching them from the inside. In this case I was pretty freaked out but tried not to show it at all.

Soon a little rain started to fall, and I immediately realized that with no rain poncho, I was going to get drenched. The wind was whipping so hard that our boat’s anchor couldn’t even hold us in place; there was no way the tiny pontoon top was going to keep us dry. Lightning started striking all over the place around us, and we were all genuinely scared out of our minds. Looking around, we realized that we were the only boat even out on the water, as the other thousand or so residents of Grayling, Michigan had actually watched the weather report for the afternoon.

Then the rain really started to pour. I have never wanted a rain poncho so badly in my life. We all huddled together the best we could, and tried to keep our balance as the boat rocked back and forth like you would see in an action movie. The best part of the entire thing was when we were all soaking wet, believe it or not. At that point I didn’t really mind the rain because every part of me was drenched so thoroughly that it didn’t even matter anymore. It was a really similar feeling to the Niagara Falls challenge stories that I have posted in the past few weeks. I would have been just as wet if I had jumped off the boat into the lake, but I would have also probably died from being electrocuted.

The storm really didn’t last too long, the sky was green the entire time, which was actually kind of cool to see. ¬†As soon as the winds died down and the sky cleared up a little bit, we motored back across to our comfortable little cabin, and another Clements adventure had been conquered. If I am not mistaken the boat now has a rain poncho or two inside of it, but we also watch the weather pretty closely while we are planning our days.

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