Grayling Michigan No Rain Poncho (Part 1)

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How many times can one family be caught without a rain poncho?

My family owns a little dinky cabin in northern Michigan, in a little city called Grayling. My parents and I visit there once a summer, my aunt usually goes up a time or two, and my brother Josh goes up for a week with his family as well. The cabin is great, it’s always the most relaxing weekend of the summer when we go up there. We stay up late playing cards, play wiffleball, grill out, watch fireworks, eat delicious ice cream at Wimpy’s, and take the pontoon boat out on the lake almost every single day. I’m a huge fan of the water (I mean lakes and pools, not being soaked without a rain poncho or umbrella).

However, sometimes when we go up there the weather just flat out stinks. Those years it might rain constantly, and we typically avoid having to put our rain ponchos on by staying inside and relaxing. I typically burn through a book or two when we go up there, and on trips where we are stuck with rain I will sometimes double that.

There has been one particular time when the weather was bad the entire time we were up there. We spent days upon days sitting around in the cabin, and eventually it began to wear on us. On one of the last days that we were there that year, the clouds opened up and the sun came out. We wasted absolutely no time and started loading up the pontoon for one of our first beach days. We motored across the lake and ran around on the beach for a few hours, and enjoyed the time to our best ability.

Around dinner time we realized that we should have probably still checked the weather. The beach itself is built up on a hill with trees on top of that hill. When you are on the beach, you really can’t see the sky behind you too well until the clouds are right on top of you. This is exactly what happened to us on that day, and instead of the usual puffy Michigan clouds, these huge black clouds of death came over the top of the hill. The wind picked up, and we scrambled to get the boat loaded up. Then something real interesting happened, the usual blue sky decided to change into a nice dark green color. Did we have any rain ponchos? Even a single rain poncho ? Of course we didn’t, we are the Clements family.

Dad decided that we weren’t going to be able to make it across the lake in time, so instead of being caught out in the middle of the lake in a nasty storm, we found a shallow area to put the anchor down and prepared for the worst. Once again no rain poncho was in sight.

Don’t be like the Clements family, be prepared with a rain poncho:

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