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Rain Poncho Blog Readers- We Bring You Updates!

Hey subscribers and readers of the rain poncho blog. Things have been crazy here at work as this is our busy time of the year, but I haven’t forgotten about the blog readers! It seems like more and more people are catching on to our social media sites, and this rain poncho blog. The progress and development of these sites has been fun to see, and in turn they are enjoyable platforms for us to work on. So I just wanted to throw a quick post on here about the upgrades that have been made to the blog. Hopefully these features will benefit our customers and help people to learn more about our company and what we stand for.

We will start with the sidebars. The left sidebar as you can see, has the recent posts, comments, and our archives of old stories that we have posted. This allows you, the user, to quickly see the newest items on the blog, and interact with our other readers. As the blog is becoming more popular, we hope that a nice little community will begin to grow. It’s been fun to see some of the comments you guys have left, and input is absolutely always welcome.

The right sidebar has links back to our main website. Specifically our home page, about us page, and our products pages. Also on the right sidebar, we have links to our Facebook and Twitter pages. There might be a few more links under that section within a few weeks, as we are currently looking into the possibility of starting up Digg, Tumblr, and Linked-In profiles. Even if we do fire up those social media sites, our main two media sites will almost assuredly be Twitter and Facebook. Twitter especially has been fun. We’ve had a lot of retweets and responses to our tweets lately, and that has been great fun for all of us here at www.rainponchosonline.com. The right sidebar also has a subscribe section on it. If you’d like to subscribe, you actually have to click on the small orange box. We wish there was a way to make that a little bit bigger, but it seems to have a mind of its own. Underneath the subscribe section there’s a space for our readers to share the post or page on their own social media profiles. First person to do this may receive a little something from us (This excludes family, sorry mom).

On the topic of sharing, we also have added the sharing is caring toolbars underneath all of the posts and pages as well. As far as the front side of the blog goes, that’s about all that we have added. On the backside we’ve put Google Analytics on the blog, and also slapped some SEO software on there to hopefully grab some more internet searchers and draw them into the blog. Thanks a ton for reading the post, and let us know if you have any comments or suggestions. More rain poncho stories are on their way!

The blog isn’t the only thing that has been upgraded, check out our site too! www.rainponchosonline.com

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