No Rain Poncho at Niagara Falls (Part 2)

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Braving Niagara Falls With No Rain Poncho !

This story is a continuation of Niagara Falls (Part 1) which was posted on 5/7/2012

I began to experience a feeling of “why am I doing this again?” Apparently Vikram was not experiencing this because he was just as loud as ever. As we closed in on the falls and the initial mist started to hit me, I realized I was going to get wet and there was nothing I could do about it, except enjoy it, without a rain poncho. That’s exactly what I did. Being in between the two falls was quite the experience. The tour guide said “Ladies and Gentlemen, this is Niagara Falls.” The boat was rocking crazily, the mist was all over the place, and my

Niagara falls no rain poncho

Time to get wet!

goodness was it fun!  Not having a rain poncho didn’t sap the fun at all. It’s somewhat hard to keep your eyes open because your face is essentially getting water thrown at it constantly. It’s a little bit hectic in there, trying to keep your balance and deal with all the elements. But I will say again, it’s pretty darned fun. When the boat finally started pulling out from between the two falls, it was damage control time.

Vikram had worn sunglasses the entire time, so he didn’t have to deal with water in his eyes, but I also have no idea how he could see anything at all. His hoodie (actually it was our friend Caleb’s) was completely soaked through. His shirt was somewhat damp, but really not too bad. His grave mistake was that he wore cargo shorts that were not water resistant in any way. I don’t know the conditions of his underwear, I can guess that they were somewhat wet, but I didn’t investigate for obvious reasons. I had worn a hoodie, and it was soaked. My T-shirt was totally fine, and my socks were kind of wet, but not too bad really. My best decision of the day was to wear water resistant shorts, my entire lower section was dry within about 2 minutes of leaving the falls. Not bad at all for not having a rain poncho!

The rest of the day was uneventful. We stayed in the dry areas of the park and enjoyed the view. We also got lost, ran out of gas, and ate New York style pizza. The biggest scare of the weekend was Saturday night when we decided to go to the Cave of the Winds. When I was previewing this entire weekend on the

Wet intern no rain poncho

Weird smile for the wet intern

blog, Twitter, and Facebook, somehow @NiagarafallsUSA  on Twitter got a hold of the story and shot me this video link to the cave of the winds ( ) This was the part of the trip that I was most concerned about, and that Saturday night it was chilly out. I knew that I was going to freeze my socks off if I didn’t have a rain poncho. Luckily, we messed up on the closing time for the cave and missed it by mere minutes. Another crisis avoided. Once that worry was out of my head, I got to relax, enjoy the waterfalls at night, and sleep in the comfiest hotel bed of all time.

When I woke up the next day, the first thing I did was run outside to check the temperature. I was so happy when I felt the warm sun. I knew that the biggest challenge of the weekend was coming up, but I really wasn’t nervous about it at all, because there was a group of brave souls, who joined me in going without a rain poncho. Not pictured here is my good friend Raven Graves, who has wonderful friends that punched so many holes into his rain poncho that it really wasn’t even a rain poncho anymore. This group went into the elevator together, an elevator that takes you down through 200 feet of rock, and right into the area known as the Cave of the Winds. We all summoned up our courage and stepped out to take on the Cave of the Winds with no rain ponchos.

For the Cave of the Winds final section, click the link: Niagara Falls (Part 3)

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Inside the Niagara Falls without a rain poncho

Inside the falls


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